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This week’s EDDi Extra is an extra-extra, four pieces on four different themes:

Incel: Education & Prevention

Postgraduate Tips II: Is Qualitative Research More Difficult Than Quantitative?

Thinking Sociologically II: Conflict theory in sociology

Is Tik Tok Right for Your School?

The first of those pieces, by new contributor Clodagh Talbot, is essential reading for anyone who teaches males, knows a male, or is a male. It looks at the issue of incel ideologies and how, through education, we might find our way closer to a societal solution.

We also have the second instalments of our postgraduate and sociological thinking features.

In our PG Tips (sorry, we couldn’t resist), Dr Stephen Whitehead considers whether qualitative research is more difficult to conduct than quantitive research - is it easier to peer into someone’s soul or to parse reams of statistics?

In Thinking Sociologically, the theme is conflict and power and the importance of locating those in context for any theory to be of value.

And, lightening things a little, in our final piece Dr Patrick Lee asks whether Tik Tok should be part of a school’s marketing armoury. Dare you dance?

Until next week…happy reading.



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