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One of the reasons we started EDDi was a frustration with how the quality of information and discussion has been degraded on social media.

Most of the internet is just plain dumb and, often, we are dumber on social media than we are in real life.

EDDi is consciously designed as a space for intelligent debate. The aim is a deep dive into issues, avoiding the fast-twitch, fire-and-brimstone approach that prevails elsewhere - yes, Twitter and Facebook et al, we are looking at you.

Our hope is that, as subscribers, you are more open to inquiry, to challenge, and to the building of understanding over time, rather than simply wanting us to affirm views you already hold.

To that end, this week’s long read piece is a look at social media. We ask the question:

Is a social media presence a substitute for (good) leadership?

This piece is supported by two others, a guest contribution and one of our regular academic digests:

Mental Health and International Schools (by Dr Sadie Hollins)

Negotiating imagined community in national curricula: The Taiwanese case

Finally, a reminder that we’d love to hear teacher trainees’ experiences of ‘training in tough times’. More details here: bit.ly/BTMFlier.

We are looking for between 500-1,000 words (which could be recycled material from essays etc) on the highs, the lows, the challenges, and the lessons learned 'training in tough times'. The edition is slated for June, with a May 1st deadline for submissions.

Happy reading



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