February 2021

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For many of you it may be the end of a much needed half-term. We hope it has been suitably restful, rejuvenating and refreshing. If you are in the northern hemisphere the days will be getting a little longer, the temperature a little warmer and, for most of us, the prospect of summer that bit closer - fingers crossed it’s a little more normal than last year.

This week’s EDDi is in three parts:

1. High Performance Learning

All of EDDi’s readers are exceptional people, individuals who are passionate, committed and determined to make a positive difference to the world. One in particular stands out though: Deborah Eyre.

Only very occasionally does one meet an individual, an educationalist, who transcends the ordinary or even the exceptional. Our feature article is an ‘In Conversation’ piece focussing on High Performance Learning, of which Deborah is the Founder and Chair.

In Conversation with Deborah Eyre

As the interview explains, High Performance Learning is the belief that

Every student can achieve high performance; so rather than categorise by ability, we expect high performance from everyone and systematically build towards it. HPL schools have systems in place that steer students towards this objective.”

An impressive number of institutions have signed up to become accredited HPL schools, ranging from top international schools to a host of independent and state schools across the UK.

The interview (here) is a fascinating introduction to this exciting and growing project.

2. Guest Contributions

The feature article is supported by two other pieces, both guest contributions:

How working internationally changed my thinking... (by Dr Sadie Hollins)

Training vs Teaching: Reflecting on Practice (by Adelina Holmes)

If you’d like your own work featured contact us here.

3. Teaching Internationally

Finally, we are also delighted to bring you a 50 minute interview with Samantha Steed (Steed Education) and Mark Steed (Principal and CEO of Kellett School, Hong Kong).

Part of a suite of (free) resources offered alongside ‘International Schooling: The Teacher’s Guide’, the interview covers:

How the recruitment market has changed over the last 12 months and how it might progress over the next few years.

What to expect now that most recruitment is done online.

What skills, knowledge, experience and attributes schools look for in staff.

How to select 'the best' schools to apply to.

Whether now is the right time to be looking for international school jobs.

Is there anything teaching couples just starting the journey should consider?

Advice for couples and individuals seeking promotion.

The links above will direct you to the individual questions, the full interview (50 minutes but well worth the time) can be viewed here.

Happy reading (and listening).



International Schooling: The Teacher’s Guide is getting around. Seen here on a walk in the UK to Mow Cop Castle (Staffordshire).

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Practical and easy-to-access, this comprehensive guide provides insight into one of the biggest, and most exciting, career transitions and life adventures many teachers ever make.

Whether you are new to this world or experienced, this authoritative text introduces, examines and unpicks the highs, the lows, the perks and the pitfalls of international schooling.

For anyone aspiring to, new to, being recruited into, or currently enjoying international teaching, it is essential reading.



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