This is the most flawed piece ever published on EDDi.

I find it interesting how Dr. Whitehead states that it 'annoy's him' that women aren't overrepresented in educational leadership despite dominating enrolments in secondary and higher education. Isn't this a sign that our boys are in severe trouble? Maybe instead of viewing masculinity as 'threatening and toxic', we should embrace boys and men for who they are. Would EDDi publish a piece stating

'toxic femininity - why women are severely over represented in education?'. Every school I've worked in has been completely female dominated - where is the equality in that?

Also denoting statements like 'white privilege' as a terrible excuse that has been debunked in reliable socioeconomic literature over and over again. What white privilege exists in south Africa? None, I tell you. What white privilege exists in Western countries with 'diversity' dominating the workplace? None. I'm a minority myself in international education and I find it disgusting how these 'academics' play racial politics and pigeon hole 'white' male school leadership.

What message does that send to young teachers regardless of their gender or race? Just like we congratulate female leaders reaching their position based on merit, we should do the same with our school leaders. Race and gender politics have no place in education. Take your phoney 'gender studies' Phd elsewhere and leave education to the people who look further than race and gender.

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"...that has been debunked in reliable socioeconomic literature over and over again." Please cite your peer-reviewed sources.

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