Interesting read, thanks!

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Concerning The list of ten countries where international schools are most likely to survive the Covid-19 pandemic, Is this list in order of significance?

Also, ”Much hope rests with China”...well said. As an international teacher in Singapore I see evidence of this...not only is the absence of Chinese nationals affecting enrollment but tourism as well. Here in Singapore, there seemed to be a mass exodus of Chinese nationals—one of major centers of revenue, Orchard Rd, was relatively empty well before the travel ban and circuit breaker.

This was solid read, thanks for your predictions and analysis.

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Where did get the idea that international schools are being completely shut down? I have heard of none. All are teaching online. Additionally, I think there is a missed opportunity to discuss the shift of the business world back to the West as companies are pulling out of China. I’m not sure if that is a trend or just some companies but it warrants some analysis in this last section.

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Many thanks for your comment and the call out on 'shut down'. By this was meant not physically open, rather than shut and not operating at all (i.e. online).

Interesting point on the potential withdrawal of Western companies from China. For the next article, perhaps. As a side note, with many international school educating locals rather than expats, an exodus may have lessor impact, but that is one to ponder for a follow-up piece.

Thanks for your thoughts, appreciated.

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