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EDDi Extra

An explosion of content....

Dear subscribers

To those who celebrate it, Happy Diwali.

And, to those who ‘remember, remember’ be careful with the gunpowder (and stay away from treasons and plots).

This week’s EDDi Extra is an explosion of content (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

First up is a revisiting of the five education myths that Covid-19 shatters from the last edition. The piece proved very popular and is now available, courtesy of Jason Lasky, in audio form.

Click the play button above to listen to a summary of an excellent piece of research from the Institute of Education, Manchester University.

We also have two of our regular ‘Extra’ features:

Postgraduate Tips III - Which data collection methods are most common in qualitative research?

Thinking Sociologically III - What are the advantages and disadvantages of a sociological imagination?

Finally, we have another contribution by Dr Patrick Lee, this time a look at something you may have experienced, but have hopefully managed to avoid:


We’ll be back in a fortnight with a traditional digest.

Until then, happy reading (and listening).



The Teacher’s Guide is on SALE!

We are not sure why…or for how long…but ‘The Teacher’s Guide’ is currently on sale on Amazon UK. Grab a copy to take on your international adventure.

(Also courtesy of Jason Lasky, listen to a short sample of the book here - 4 mins).

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EDDi: Educational Digest International
EDDi: Educational Digest International
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